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Angela and Amoriah started "Amoriah's Blessings" after the success of her book, "Amoriah's Magic Afro Puffs". Amoriah came home from school and asked why her hair wasn't straight like her friends. This prompted Angela and her husband, Chris, to talk to Amoriah about her natural hair. They ordered various books on natural hair from Amazon. They also developed and recited positive affirmations for Amoriah to say out loud daily. Now, Amoriah loves her natural hair. She wants other little girls to also love and embrace their natural hair.

Angela and Amoriah developed self-esteem workshops to help children to build self-confidence and establish healthy boundaries. They also offer author visits for schools and after school programs. They also participate in various community events throughout the year.

Angela utilizes her Masters in Social Work degree and 20 years of experience conducting workshops and professional development trainings to bring their workshops to life.

Amoriah's Blessings are available for hire for school districts, child care centers, after school programs and professional development training. Booking information, Please contact us below.

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